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What is unstoppable domains? Bitcoin Mining Domains… registering service if you want to call it that however it’s a bit different because these domains are decentralized you know they get minted on the blockchain meaning no renewal costs ever um gone are the days where you go to go daddy look for a domain and then end up paying fees each and every single year um there are 1.5 million plus domains registered up until now there’s more than 350 million plus suitable web browser installs and it supports more than 275 coins and tokens and you know the the quicker you buy your domain the much better probably due to the fact that individuals are starting to grab all these uh domain that individuals can think of and i remember when it first i first came on to this site i want to state practically two years ago all the domains were on approximately forty dollars uh the average now for me as i start to search uh the site is a hundred dollars so why would you want among these well it’s a dis decentralized digital identity that’s practically what it is um the universal username across apps and sites the domain can be utilized as a username and it can likewise be utilized as a site url so you can point to a site you wouldn’t have to ever pay domain fees um to let’s state a uh main uh authorities such as uh let’s state and much far more so i’ve gone on and acquired my own there’s various um you know there’s dot x is most likely the very best one uh since it’s simply an x there’s also coin at the end and crypto wallet bitcoin 888 nft and so on and so on so i have actually gone on and search for my uh domain so i rapidly

proceeded and typed crypto files click the search this one is now taken since i am the happy owner of crypto files.x um crypto files.crypto has actually also been bought however there’s likewise coin wallet and these are really okay perhaps i ought to pick them up twenty dollars forty dollars forty dollars here also and the nft one forty dollars but i’m cool with the x that’s it it was a hundred dollars so it wasn’t the cheapest one um and people are pretty much picking them up and the buy-in process was very really easy i pretty much just included the domain to my cart and as you can inform it gave me total do you enter your postal code struck checkout now i do want to say that there are different methods to pay for these not simply with a charge card paypal cryptocurrency and the app are taken as payments for cryptocurrency there are selected tokens that you can pay with consisting of bitcoin bitcoin money ethereum diet plan and litecoin and usdc so i thought that was type of cool you understand if you have some crypto you can use it to spend for your new domain it doesn’t need to be a charge card i went the old-fashioned way you specify credit card and bought my domain and much like anything else it’ll state just thank you for your order and once you purchase your domain undoubtedly you return to the unstoppable site click my domains up on top and you’ll see your freshly purchased domain listed mine says cryptofiles.x i’m extremely happy about it i was able to actually get the name and the one with the x i could care less about the other ones but something you do have to do now you do have ownership on this uh for this domain however remember this is to be um living on the blockchain so it’s pretty much like an nft it needs to be minted um so you have to go ahead and mint it and minting is completely free so all you do is just click on free mint this does take place on the polygon blockchain so it’s quite cool um unstoppable domains practically covers the cost they’ll just wish to confirm your identity quote-unquote identity which is just your e-mail address so you’ll proceed and get in the verification code that they do send over to your email address which’s practically it when you enter the correct verification code it’ll ask you to select your wallet extremely very essential i chose metamask as you can inform i’ve proceeded and chose an ethereum wallet um really it’s it’s just your metamask wallet but make sure you’re on the ethereum maintenance because it is going to be minted through polygons so that does run through the ethereum blockchain ultimately and that’s about it i went ahead and verified that address that i want to go ahead and associate it with this mint procedure and i can uh just clicked on validated and that was it the minting procedure began now went ahead and uh opened my wallet and you can track the progress on the site it’ll say it’s pending um so it does take about 10 minutes and that was basically it on my wallet i did get an unstoppable domains logo or icon so i thought that was quite cool as you can tell i’m on the ethereum maintenance and after 10 minutes or two you can really click on the polygon scan website and the link that is provided you can see that the status achieves success the block confirmations and all that excellent things looks like this transaction fee was only 4 cents which is pretty great on the polygon uh network once it’s completed you’ll see a green uh word that states finished on there you return to my domains and you’ll still need to wait to manage your domain simply a little a downer because i wished to proceed and enter my um address onto

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this domain so if you’re wondering um what that’s everything about you can really connect um your advertisement your wallet address for different cryptocurrencies onto a domain and it serves the purpose of pretty much determining where crypto’s gon na go so just like a website would have a dns server that would suggest to what server um a particular domain would point to the exact same takes place for these unstoppable domains so my own would be crypto files.x and you ‘d have the ability to send out ethereum and i can go on and establish my uh unstoppable domain to have an ethereum address and designate those crypto tokens to that particular address as you can tell you can also give that out so when people wish to send you crypto they’re not going to need to type in this unusual address it’ll now be an actual domain and they can proceed and send you crypto so pretty pretty cool and i just like the truth that you in fact own these domains forever there’s no renewal costs once they’re minted on the blockchain that is basically it um let’s go on and go on to the learn area which i thought they did an actually good task they practically are breaking down what’s an nft domain and that’s what these are they’re nft domains they get minted and you have total ownership of them similar to an nft you would store them in your wallet in this case it’s the metamask wallet right and these are the important things you can actually make with them so first is um you know you would look for your domain as i have actually proceeded and revealed you they show you some tutorials also on metamask so you can proceed and mint them but you can connect your wallets so you go ahead and go on to the settings section of your domain and then click on include wallets once you click on include wallet you’ll go on and say that it’s crypto it’s questioning what it is and after that you can connect with wallet web3 or connect um certainly you’ll click on web3 and after that you get in touch with metamask it’s a good example um it also shows you how to mint it just like i did however you can include the crypto addresses as you can see they have um let me see if i can make this a bit larger yeah there we go so as you can see they have btc here you go you can go on and just uh copy and paste the address and then the ethereum there’s over 250 coins supported bear in mind that so then next time you wish to get paid you can simply provide your domain instead of having to offer these long you understand weird uh mysterious addresses where errors can be made you can in fact have an easy domain so if someone wanted to pay me and they asked for my address i would just state hello it’s crypto files.x so it’s quite quite great um like i stated a lot of people are you know minting as many as they can and they’re reselling them on the market um i’ve seen them on nfc sites where they’re reselling um these all the time if you are a reseller you might um move the the domain it’s quite simple they have a tutorial here and ultimately